Sqribble eBook Creator

A Pros & Cons Review

At a Glance

Without a doubt, Sqribble is a powerful eBook creation tool. Unlike other tools, it’s packed with everything you need to start cranking out professional-looking books, reports, whitepapers, flyers, brochures and more in seconds. Continue reading to know the features, pricing and pros & cons of Sqribble ebook creator.

Hello and welcome to my Sqribble review – eBook creator software by Adeel Chowdhry.

One of the best inventions for readers and authors has been the ebook. This digital creation not only revolutionized reading but publishing as well. It made the process easier and more affordable.

Creating an ebook is often seen as a painstaking and elaborate process. That is why prospective authors abandon this approach.

Now there is a game-changing new ebook builder called Sqribble. This builder provides an answer to all your ebook creation needs.

We have completed a detailed and comprehensive review of Sqribble eBook creator providing you with all the information needed about the software, its features, pricing, where to buy, pros and cons, etc. along with much other useful info. So let us dive in right into our Sqribble review.

What is an ebook creator?

An ebook creator, as the term suggests, is software that helps in the creation of an ebook. It provides templates for the layout of your work as well as the cover. It helps in the formatting and design process of your book too. 

Despite our favourable introduction, you might still be questioning the legitimacy of Sqribble. But you don’t have to worry, because this software is completely legitimate and whilst testing it we created a digital book shop containing the ebooks built with Sqribble. This has to be the best ebook creation software in today’s marketplace and there are many other reviews to concur with this along with many Sqribble reviews left by satisfied customers.

What is Sqribble?

Sqribble is an ebook builder created by Adeel Chowdhury, a reputed digital entrepreneur, and visionary. This online software allows users to create an ebook within minutes. It does so by packaging all the tools that one would need to build an ebook, in one place.

Gone are the days when you’d have to hunt for ebook designers and spend money, time, and effort to find writers. All you have to do now is download open the software online and begin immediately, nothing to download. Choose your specifications, content and customisations and Sqribble will do the rest. Within minutes, you’ll have an attractive and engaging ebook in your hands.

Sqribble Demo: Watch me create an ebook

What are the main features of the Sqribble ebook creator?

Sqribble is jam-packed with amazing features:

1. Gorgeous templates

Sqribble comes armed with 50 stunning designs, across 15 niches. It ensures that you have a template option regardless of the topic you’re working on. These unique, eye-grabbing blueprints will allow your work to stand out. It will assist you in keeping your audience addicted to your content. You don’t need any extra software like Photoshop to use these templates either.

2. Automatic content generation

If a writer’s block has hit you hard, or you’re not interested in writing content. Then, Sqribble’s content writing service will come to your rescue. This brilliant tool will provide content from their database of articles. It can also pull content from any link or document provided by the user. No longer do you have to waste enormous amounts of money on hiring a writer to work for you.

3. Suave automated formatting

Sqribble lends a professional and high-quality feel to your work.  It does so with its amazing format and layouts. It will arrange all the elements, starting from the table of content to the headers and page numbers. Then, you can add in changes or make edits to fit your requirements. So, in a matter of seconds, you’ll have a formatted ebook with you.

4. Simple to use

Sqribble presents all incredible tools and features to consumers in a user-friendly interface. Thus, ensuring that even beginners can use the software with ease and convenience. Its operation doesn’t need any prior expert knowledge from the user’s side. 

5. Affordable

The best feature of Sqribble is that it provides all its amazing services at an affordable price. Now, up and coming authors and bloggers can fulfil their wishes of publishing an ebook. They don’t need to fish out large sums of money and resources. All they need to do is download Sqribble with a simple click.

Sqribble Review – Pros and Cons

The Sqribble comes with a lot of pros and cons. Due to innumerable helpful features, users can design an ebook for marketing easily. Now, let’s know the significant pros and cons of Sqribble ebook creator.

Sqribble Advantages

As per the reviews from several users and tests performed by our experts, below are the major pros of the Sqribble eBook Builder.

  • Sqribble is a legitimate way to create professional ebooks. These ebooks can be used for internet and digital marketing within minutes. Apart from that, you can create many reports and ebooks without typing any words. 
  • Sqribble ebook creators don’t need installation and are compatible with all computers. The interface is user-friendly, and this software is pretty easy to use.
  • With easy and point technology, you get the exact ebook or reports. The results will definitely meet your requirements. Above all, you can customize your ebook and reports within seconds.
  • When it comes to designs, the Sqribble ebook builder has a wide range of popular categories. There are 50 different templates available. You’ll also be able to customize the layouts of the books effortlessly. In simpler words, you’ll be able to choose your desired template according to your preferred niche.
  • Sqribble has an automated content engine that allows you to skip writing anything. The automated content engine provides the right headlines and bullets as per your niche.
  • Sqribble is a one-stop website where you can also advertise your services. You can sell your designs and templates with a commercial license. Above all, you don’t have to share your profits with Sqribble.   

Sqribble Disadvantages

As per the tests performed by our experts and users, we found below two cons in Sqribble eBook creator:

  • Sqribble doesn’t provide any step by step guide for designing your ebook. Also, there are no instructions or manuals about how to sell your ebooks.
  • Most of the basic features are available for free. To create an eye-catching and interesting ebooks, you need to use advanced features that are not free to use. You have to buy the commercial version to access all the features.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Sqribble is one of the best software products available for every internet marketing professional. We love how it saves both valuable time and money. Ebooks are in trend, and readers can get knowledge on the go. With this software, you can create ebooks within minutes, along with interesting templates.